Little Gentelmans Mustache Shoes

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Bring a nice formal look to your little one's style with the Mustache charm Occasion Shoe from Mini Plum. These little crystal shoes can be personalised with silver crystals that make it perfect for fancy days.

Fill in our personalisation box with anything that you may want to add for a bespoke product, or leave it blank to omit any customisation.

Available shoe sizes: 0-4 Months,4-8 Months,8-12 Months (approximate)

0-4 Months=10cm= European baby shoe size 17=UK baby shoe size 1=US baby shoe size 2
4-8 Months=11cm=European baby shoe size 18=UK baby shoe size 2=US baby shoe size 3
8-12 Months=12cm=European baby shoe size 19=UK baby shoe size 3=US baby shoe size 4


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