Five Best Ideas on How to Plan Your Christening Parties

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Five Best Ideas on How to Plan Your Christening Parties

The christening of a child is a tremendous and special occasion. This is the first step the baby takes in the world of Christianity, and as such, it deserves to be celebrated. A christening party is mostly referred to as a reception, where you will bring friends, relatives, the parents and the godparents of the child together. Planning a christening reception is not easy.  The party needs a unique atmosphere in other to correspond to the significance of the atmosphere. 

Several ideas can be utilized when planning a christening party. These simple tips below will help you put together the most amazing baby christening event ever.

Keep It Casual and Intimate

A christening party does not necessarily mean it must be flashy. Christening parties are mostly casual, relaxed and straightforward, giving a group of people the opportunity to celebrate an extraordinary occasion. The decoration can be plain after all a christening is something far from luxury. Christening party mostly goes without a theme however you can also dedicate it to anything that is baby-related. One of the perfect themes is crosses or biblical theme. Always focus on the people rather the decorations. Table centerpieces, ornate arches, and expensive tablecloths are unnecessary.

Think of Games

The game selected for a christening reception varies from the activities typical for a baby shower or a birthday party. The most suitable game for this kind of party is board games. Such kind of games gives the family members a platform to talk to each other while having fun and discussion pertinent issues.  The card game is also quite suitable. If you decide to hold the reception outdoor, you can as well include sports such as Volleyball, basketball, tennis and other sports that will give everyone the opportunity to participate and will be a good selection.

Getting Guests Involved

The party will be more special if you can get the guest involved in some ways. The input will be highly valuable to the family that is having a child christened. The easiest option you can make use of here is a guestbook. Place it at the entrance, giving all the individual present the chance to write down a special message or greeting.  Having video messages is another great opportunity that can put into use. A small camera is also needed. Ask everyone who might be interested in dedicating a personal message to the baby or the entire family. This great idea will give you the opportunity to create an emotional movie. 

Decoration Ideas

For the second time, the keyword that should guide all of your organization activities is "simplicity." White is a color that is majorly aligned with Christianity, innocence, and purity. Make it the main concept to the receptions interior. The items you can use include white flowers and white balloons. Ensure you don't overdo it. Various centerpieces and delicate wall decoration will be perfect. In case you decide to hold the events at evening, you can make use of white candles. 

Hold the Reception Immediately After the Christening


It will be most comfortable and the most appropriate to hold the reception immediately after baptism.  The gist will be in a festive mood, and you can as well extend the celebration. Most churches have special halls that can be rented for such special occasions. It will be more convenient for you to hold the reception immediately after the baptism. The guest will be freed from the obligation to travel to another venue right after going to church. These are the main basics of planning a christening party. It can be very simple, yet effective. Put more efforts in creating an intimate atmosphere. All other aspects of the reception are of secondary importance.



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