How to Choose the Perfect Christening Outfit

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Choosing an outfit for your baby’s christening is a really important part of organising the special day. There’s a big choice of styles to choose from for boys and girls, from traditional gowns to modern multi-piece outfits. Here’s our top tips to help you narrow down your selection:


Overall Style


Think about what your view of the christening is – do you want to go for a traditional religious event or something a bit different? This should be be the first thing you consider. Christening gowns are still very popular, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son Prince Louis seen wearing one for his recent service. You may want to choose something a little less flamboyant though!




White is the traditional colour for christenings, with it being obligatory for Catholic services for girls. It is the first of the three dresses in white that make up the religious ‘rites of passage – Baptism, First Holy Communion and Wedding. Christening gowns are now available in a variety of styles and colours, with ivory and pastel shades being very popular.


If you are having a religious ceremony, check with your vicar or minister that they are happy for you to choose an alternative style or colour.


If you are going for a more modern outfit, the choice of colours is much more open. You may want to consider co-ordinating your child’s outfit with your own, or if you have a colour theme across the whole day.




Again it’s important to consider what your plans for the whole day are. It may be be uncomfortable or inconvenient for your baby in a long gown so a more practical style may be more suitable. Alternatively, you could consider separate outfits for the ceremony and the party afterwards.


Make sure whatever style you choose is safe for a baby to wear, with no loose buttons or other items that could be chewed on.




Make sure that the chosen outfit fits your baby and gives them enough freedom to move around, especially if you purchased the outfit in advance or its a family heirloom. If the material is very stiff or scratchy think about washing it beforehand, or you may need to air an item that’s been in storage.


Other Items


Whilst accessories may look very stylish you should ensure that these are also child proof. Items such as hats, shoes,bonnets and hairbands are great for girls’ outfits. If your baby is prone to dribbling, make sure that you have a co-ordinating bib or bandana as part of the overall outfit. You may also like to take a pretty blanket or towel to dry off your child and keep them warm if needed.


If there is mess


You may want to take a back-up outfit or change of clothes with you in case of any accidents, as well as plenty of wipes or other cleaning items. A jacket or cardigan can be a helpful cover-up for spillages or mess, and this applies to both you and your child.

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